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Buy, Sell, Trade

Don’t want to fix your device? Just want the latest gadget? Buy. Sell. Trade up.


Got a lot of gadgets you don’t know what to do with? Bring it on over to Horizon Computers and get cash or store credit for them on the spot.

We deal in buying, selling and trading-in your old devices. Whether it’s an ancient phone, an old tablet, e-reader, music player, computer or just about any gadget, we’re interested in offering you a deal on it.

So come on down to Horizon Computers & let your old gadgets pave the way to your next big purchase.

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Get paid fast when you trade in your cell phone or device!

Come trade your devices and gadgets in at Horizon Computers and get paid fast! For every device that we take in, our team runs a thorough inspection of it and pays you for it right on the spot in either cash or store credit.

Trade-In Policy

Pick up a new device by trading your old one in.

Want to get the latest gadget hot on the market? You can own it now by trading your older device in. We take in pre-owned devices and offer store credit in return for them that leads the way to your next big purchase.


Selling your device to us comes with no added risks.

Honesty is the best policy, and we want only the best for you. Any device that you buy or sell with us is done in an entirely risk-free manner. We offer only the best deals around!